MENU – YLIOPPILASJUHLAT 2020 – 80 €/ 4 henkilöä

-GRILLI KUUMAKSI – Tee-se-itse hampurilaiset-

8 x sämpylä

500ml x salaatti

2o0ml x tomaatti

2o0ml x paistettu sipuli

200ml x maustekurkku

8 x cheddarjuustoviipale

500ml x chilimajoneesi

200ml x BBQ kastike

500g x pulled pork

4 x naudanpihvit  tai   kanapihvit   tai  kasvispihvit

500ml x coleslaw

500ml x perunasalaatti

Ruoka toimitetaan kylmänä, pihvit tulee paistaa itse

Tilaukset ke 27.5. mennessä sähköpostilla info@jjdenierfood.com



Parsa, parmakinkku ja vuohenjuustosalaatti (G)

Cantaloupe meloni, tomaatti, kurkku ja minttu salaatti (L;G)

Tiikerirapu ja avokadosalaatti, cocktailkastike (L;G)


Naudan sisäfile, paistettu peruna, pekoni-ruusukaaali, punaviinikastike (L;G)


Paistettu kuha, keitetty peruna, porkkana, valkoviinikastike (L;G)


Munakoiso, tomaatti ja kookos curry, basmaattiriisi (L;G)


Omena Tarte tatin, passionhedelmä creme fraiche (L)

25 euro/hlö sis ALV

Kaikki Annokset Pakattu Erikseen

It’s My Life

We are certainly living in interesting times right now. Life for everybody is changing and the way we do things will also change for the future, especially if the current crisis continues for a few months. The new and different way of doing things will become normal and part of the routine. Let’s see what the future will look like.

For me as a caterer there have also been radical changes:

Three weeks ago I suddenly found myself in the situation where all the functions I had booked until the end of April were cancelled/postponed. A very quick decision had to be taken to ensure the business would be able to continue and I could continue earning a living. Within a day my business went from a caterer for dinners at home and corporate events to a delivery business for affordable lunches.

Luckily, being in the food business, hygiene is second nature. Clean utensils, clean hands etc are already part of what is done to ensure customers get a good product. This has now however also extended to the delivery service. As the picture shows, 1 day of doing deliveries means half a box of disposable gloves gets used up. It is also interesting to deliver food at an arms length or to put it down somewhere, ring the doorbell and step away.

These days I find myself not touching anything that I don’t need to. Doorbells are rung with my car keys, I don’t accept cash payments because you never know where the cash has been. My credit card machine is out of use so nobody needs to press buttons. I get a lot of excersize as well as, with the 60 or so deliveries I do per day, I only use the elevator once. When you live on the 6th floor I may be slightly out of breathe when I get there 🙂

We will see how long we will be under the present circumstances. I am enjoying the challenges faced with my new format of doing business but I also look forward to the day when I can offer delicious, served meals in your home again.

Keep safe everyone

Who’s Who

During my 30 years of working in the catering business I have had the opportunity to meet a number of people who have found fame through the media. It has been an interesting experience to see if the way people are portrayed by the media is indeed the way they are in real life.

I can honestly say that a lot of what we may see on the tv/movie screens is not what really goes on in these people’s lives. This is especially true for the older generation of celebrities. It is very often the newcomers who feel the need to impress people around them while those that have been around much longer don’t really need to impress anyone and they do their utmost for their fans.

It was always far more fun to sit backstage drinking champagne with UB40 than it was to run around all over Johannesburg because yet another diva wants something very specific at the last minute.

Very often those we think are “important” are the most down to earth people around. I’ve been able to have relaxed chats with the King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, Nelson Mandela and Richard Branson while others hide behind their image and do not care to mingle with the common folk.

Over the years I have definitely learnt that all is not as it seems when it comes to celebrities and it is good not to believe too much of what we see in the media.

PS: John Cena is as nice as he seems

Location, location, location

In my line of work it is always interesting to see what new and interesting situations I am faced with when I arrive at the clients location. Over the years I think I have seen pretty much every type of set-up imaginable and still been asked to provide meals.

When I started out in catering it was easy as I was working for others and usually under supervision so I just went with whatever I was told to do. Later on I started working in the film industry in Cape Town and that’s where it started getting interesting.

My first few jobs were easy enough. The commercials were being shot in studios and it was just a question of me getting there and setting up the food. That soon changed when I got sent out to location shoots. Weather is of course always a factor, but when you get winds blowing like they sometimes do in Cape Town, it can be a challenge just keeping the food on the table, never mind having all of nature blowing over the buffet. When the location manager informs you the 60 crew members would like lunch on the beach, you really start to reconsider career moves. 120 steps down and an hour later back up again is never fun.

There are of course always some spectacular locations that have their own challenges but the surroundings you find yourself in more than make up for the hardship. The picture attached to this blog was one such event where we spent a month in the Namibian desert for a Hayward’s Grand Safaris product launch, sleeping and working in tents. Even during a sandstorm work would continue. But the views and experience were unbelievable and still count as some of the best catering days in 30 years.

Now that I am in Finland, the challenges are different but they are still out there. From cooking a 4-course dinner on a sailboat while there is a bit of a storm blowing to providing 10-course tasting menus in an art gallery with no kitchen.

This has now become part of the job that I really enjoy. Accepting challenges from my customers and making the impossible a great experience after all. So far I have met any challenge so let see what the future will throw at me


Moving from one country to another always brings with it an introduction to new cultures and a different way of approaching life. Almost 10 years ago I moved to Finland and I was of course ready to expect that some, if not many, things would work differently over here. So far I have not been disappointed.

The whole sauna culture for me was something very new. My in-laws introduced me to the whole sauna experience but it was not to be for me as I get a headache from them – and not only because of the beer. It is however a major pastime in Finland and so inevitably I do get asked to provide catering at sauna parties. These are usually very relaxed parties where everyone is in a good mood since they have had the chance to get a good sauna in as well as a few refreshments.

Sometimes however these parties are not quite what I expected, especially having lived in quite a conservative country such as South Africa. Mind you, Finland is also quite conservative in many respects, but once you hit the sauna all that goes out the window.

My first experience with a guys-only sauna party and dinner was in a small seaside sauna venue in the town of Naantali. I arrived at the venue only to find a dozen naked guys wandering around the place, chatting and having beers. This is not the usual reception I have when going to do dinners where people are often nervous about having a stranger in their home and taking over. When you have the sauna, this nervousness and shyness completely disappears apparently. I must admit I was taken aback with this new situation for a short while but then I got on with cooking dinner and everyone eventually got dressed as well.

Now this situation has become almost normal for me as well and I now regularly find myself in sauna venues, offices and private homes being confronted by naked men drinking beer before normality sets in and dinner can continue

My menu on this occasion:

Biltong pate on herbed toasts

Poached prawns and avocado with a homemade cocktail sauce

Butternut and orange soup with a parmesan cheese straw

Ethiopean chicken Doro Wat with boiled egg and Injeera bread

Pepper, paprika and tarragon dusted fillet of beef on roast vegetables with a red wine, chili and chocolate jus

Moroccan citrus salad marinated in honey, mint and pistachios


Pide topped with spinach, pomegranite and goat’s cheese (L)

Toasted pita breads with smoked aubergine pate (L)

Baklali Enginar artichokes topped with broad beans and parsley. Drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil (L;G)

Lettuce, tomato and cucumber topped with beef köfte (L;G)

Mini sweet potato salads


Chicken skewers served with a smoked garlic mayonnaise (L;G)

Kuzu Tandir slow roast lamb with fennel, cinnamon and citrus served with new potatoes and topped with yoghurt (L;G)


Raspberry and rose trifles (L;G)

Baklava (L)



Kesällä saavun kotiinne / mökille / yritykseen tai muuhun paikkaan n.1-2 tuntia ennen ruokailua. Tuon mukanani ruuan,  kattilat, pannut, ruokailuastiat ja -välineet. Tarvitsen siis vain tilan, jossa työskennellä, jossa on liesi.

Jos mahdollista, hoidatte itse lasinne, jotta voitte jatkaa siemailua senkin jälkeen kun olen lähtenyt.

Pääsette nauttimaan päivästä / illasta ystävienne ja perheenne kanssa ilman huolta ruuan valmistumisesta tai keittiön siivoamisesta.

Tyypillisin ruokailuelämys on 5 – ruokalajin menu maailman makuja. Helpottaakseni menun sisällön valintaa, liitteenä löydätte esimerkkejä eri lajeista. Valitkaa listasta yksi annos per ruokatyyppi. Voitte myös antaa minulle vapaat kädet valita teemanne ja toiveidenne mukaisesti. Pystyn tuomaan teille tuulahduksia maailman ääristä – kansainvälinen keittiö on avoin!

Teen toki myös pienempiä ruokakokonaisuuksia tai voitte kokeilla maistelumenuta – 10 pientä ruokalajia haluamanne teeman mukaisesti. Mitä erikoisempi toive, sitä parempi! Viime aikoina olemme mielikuvituksissamme matkustaneet Indonesiaan, Menu Marsista, 1920-luvulta, duetto-teemalla jne.

5-tuokalajin illallisen hinta alkaen 50€/henkilö sis ALV (min.6 henkilöä). 

(2 henkilölle: 75€/ hlö; 4 henkilölle: 65€/hlö)

Kuljetusmaksu on ilmainen Turun seudulla.

Veloitan erikseen pitkistä ajoista esim. Tampere ja Helsinki on + 100 € lisä/keikka

Olettehan yhteydessä siitä millaisen ruokailuelämyksen voisin teille tarjota. Liitteenä oleva lista on apunanne, tai sitten voin luoda teille ihan omannäköisen kokonaisuuden.


JJ de Nier


South African poached prawns on baby lettuce, avocado and ruby grapefruit. Topped with a homemade whisky cocktail sauce (L;G)

Dutch “bitterballen” – pulled beef flavoured with nutmeg and parsley. Crumbed, deep-fried and served with Dijon mustard (L)

French pan-fried scallops marinated in lime, set on a cauliflower puree with bacon and green pea salsa and salmon roe (L;G)

Middle Eastern toasted pita bread wedges with humous, tzatziki, tomato salsa, pomegranate seeds, toasted chick peas and curried lentils (L;(G))

Italian black pepper crusted beef carpaccio served with herbed bruschetta, onion marmalade, sauteed mushroom, parmesan cheese and a balsamic glaze (L;(G))

American sugar and rosemary cured salmon set on a potato, onion and thyme rosti. Topped with a lemon-dill crème fraiche (L;G)

Italian crumbed, deep-fried mushroom risotto balls served with a blue cheese dip and a tomato salsa (L)

Finnish toast skågen on homemade Archipelago bread (L)

South African beef or potato samosas with a homemade apricot chutney (L)

Asian prawn and vegetable rice paper rolls with a homemade tomato sweet chilli (L;G)


Dutch wholegrain mustard soup topped with warm smoked salmon and dill. Served with rye bread (L;(G))

South African butternut and orange soup with air-dried beef strips and freshly baked herb bread (L;(G))

East African chicken, lime, lemongrass, chilli and coconut soup with prawn chips (L;G)

Thai Tom Yum Goong with mushrooms, sweetcorn, snow peas, paprika, bean sprouts and prawns. Accompanied by sesame coated rice cakes topped with salmon (L;G)

Indian curried carrot and lentil soup topped with toasted seeds and served with naan bread (L;(G))

Italian gazpacho with tomato, cucumber, green pepper, garlic, spring onion and vinegar. With toasted bruschetta (L)

South African chilled avocado soup with chilli shrimp and cheddar cheese sticks (L;(G))

French creamy asparagus and blue cheese soup topped with crispy bacon. Served with baguette (L;(G))

Central African curried apple soup with dried apple chips and spicy chicken nuggets (L)

French onion soup topped with a Gruyere toast (L)


Indonesian chicken sate skewers on butter lettuce with a spicy peanut sauce and a crunchy peanut and coconut topping (L;G)

Asian prawn and vegetable tempura on a julienne of vegetables with a sweet soya dip (L)

French confit of duck with an orange marmalade and fried potatoes (L;G)

Italian asparagus risotto with herbed fishcakes and a tartar sauce (L;G)

Asian crispy fried pork belly marinated in soya sauce, green peppers and chilli set on sauteed pakchoi (L;G)

Italian pasta carbonara with homemade pasta, bacon, egg yolk and parmesan cheese (L)

Ethiopean chicken doro wat served with Injeera bread and boiled egg (L;G)

American grilled asparagus topped with smoked salmon and a shrimp and rye crumble. Topped with grilled apple chips (L)

French onion and goat’s cheese tarte tatin (L)

Tunisian grilled tuna set on a Mechouia salad of grilled onions, tomatoes and peppers seasoned with olive oil and caraway seeds. Served with boiled egg and black olives (L;G)


Togo style Gboma Dessi of beef entrecote spiced with cloves, aniseed, ajwain seeds, cardamom and ginger. Served with a spicy tomato and spinach sauce on tomato, garlic, ginger and onion cornmeal cakes (L;G)

South African paprika, tarragon and black pepper marinated fillet of beef set on a white polenta with roast sweetcorn and peppers. Served with a red wine, chilli and chocolate jus (L;G)

Argentinian chimichurri marinated beef entrecote. Served with fried potato wedges and steamed cauliflower (L;G)

Italian parmesan and herb encrusted fillet of salmon set on homemade noodles with a white wine and dill cream. Served with honey and balsamic glazed brussels sprouts (L;G)

Greek aubergine, mushroom, zucchini and feta phyllo parcel served on a tomato coulis. Topped with toasted seeds and fresh herbs (L)

British peppered fillet of beef on roasted shallots and carrots with a blue cheese mousse and port reduction (L;G)

Moroccan lamb fillets marinated in paprika, cinnamon and tomato. Pan fried onto a bed of savoury couscous (L)

South African grill platter offering:

Apricot marinated chicken thighs; boerewors sausage; cream cheese filled mushrooms wrapped with bacon; coca cola marinated ribs (L;G)

Indian lamb curry on basmati rice with a yoghurt raita, tomato salsa, chana dhal and homemade naan bread (L)

Thai red duck, coconut and litchi curry on rice. Served with roast aubergine and minted peas (L;G)


JJ’s chocolate mudcake with fresh berries and a burnt orange cream (L;G)

Moroccan citrus salad marinated in honey, mint leaves and pistachio nuts. Served with a homemade coconut ice cream (L;G)

Italian lemon and lime pannacotta with a berry coulis and fresh berries (L;G)

South African Amarula crème brulee (L;G)

Dutch “poffertjes” – mini yeast pancakes topped with butter and icing sugar (L)

French chocolate fondant with a warm berry sauce and homemade vanilla ice cream (L)

Baked New York cheesecake topped with poached apple and rhubarb (L)

Australian pavlova of meringue nests filled with a selection of fresh fruits and nuts on a vanilla cream (L;G)

British banoffee pie of pastry filled with bananas, caramel and topped with whipped cream (L)

Mexican Margarita cheesecake mousse (L;G)