Treat your guests to stunning meals in your own home or venue. You decide how many courses you would like to have and what your theme for the event will be. Everything from a 4-course dinner for 2 people to a 21-course around-the-world-dinner are possible. The only limit to what we can do with these events is the imagination.

                I would arrive at your home an hour or 2 before the event starts to set up your table and start preparing the food. I would only need from you the space in the kitchen and a stove to cook on. I provide all my own pots, pans, plates, knives and forks. At the end of the event I take all of my belongings with me again leaving you satisfied and with a clean kitchen. The easiest way to entertain at home.

                All you need to provide is the table and chairs and the drinks. Glasses can be hired from me if needed. Not only do I prepare the food in your kitchen, but also serve it to the table. For each course I then tell your guests what they are eating and a bit of the background of the dish. Each dish can be paired with a wine to complete the whole experience. All dietary requirements a can be taken care of.

                The minimum number for this type of meal would be 2 people and the maximum would be up to you. The price for the meal is always on a per-person basis so you always know what it will cost, depending on the number of people you invite. Additional costs would be glasses, tablecloths and waiters. Up to 15 people I would handle myself. After that I recommend waiters be hired to give you the best possible service