An elegant way to serve a variety of foods, especially if space is limited. A wide variety of small bites will leave your guests amazed at the flavours and beautifully presented creations. Whether you want food on platters or tiny individual portions, served by waiters or placed on a buffet there is sure to be something for everyone. Even though the portions are small, there are many so even your hungriest guest will leave satisfied.

                Whether in individual cups or on platters I provide everything needed to eat these little creations. Both hot and cold snacks are available and can be served or simply dropped off for you to present when your guests are ready.

                Menus are designed according to the available facilities. At your home or office, at the theatre, on a sailing boat or deep in a forest, every location provides me with unique challenges which I readily accept. There is no reason why your adventures should not be accompanied by fantastic food.

                Drinks for these events are provided by you, but I provide everything needed for the preparation and serving of the snacks. Additional charges are usually glasses and waiters for bigger groups