Gravlax salmon set on poached broccoli with a wasabi and ginger crème brulee (L;G)

Chicken koftas with hummus, red onion, cucumber and tomato (L;(G))

Ruby grapefruit, tiger prawn, avocado and tamarind salad (M;G)

Beetroot and smoked chorizo risotto topped with a panfried scallop (L;G)

Ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella stuffed portobello mushroom. Wrapped with bacon or zucchini on a bed of rucola (G)

Panfried cod in a vichysoisse with crispy kale (L;G)

Roast cauliflower steak with roast red pepper and an olive-caper salsa (M;G)

Chicken sate skewers with a spicy peanut sauce (M;G)

Eggplant, haloumi and tomato vegetable tower flavoured with homemade harissa. Topped with a sundried tomato pesto (L;G)

JJ’s special – let me surprise you with an exotic dish from around the world. Just let me know about any restrictions you may have