Korean kalguksu with egg noodles, prawns, mussels, anchovies and dried seaweed (L;G)

South African butternut and orange soup (L;G)

Indian Mulligatawny – a curried chicken and vegetable soup (L;G)

French onion soup topped with a Gruyere crouton (L;(G))

 Spanish ajoblanco with almonds, vinegar, olive oil, green grapes and bread (L)

Indonesian soto betawi with beef cooked in coconut milk and flavoured with lemongrass, turmeric, galangal, lime leaves and fresh coriander. Topped with tomato, spring onion and ketjap (L;G)

Hawaiin saimin with rice noodles, crispy pork belly, shrimp and spring onion cooked in a dashi (L;G)

Chinese egg drop soup with a chicken stock, spring onion, tofu, sesame oil and whisked egg (L;G)

Algerian chorba frik with chickpeas, lamb, mint, coriander and frik grain (L)

JJ’s special – let me surprise you with an exotic dish from around the world. Just let me know about any restrictions you may have