Who’s Who

During my 30 years of working in the catering business I have had the opportunity to meet a number of people who have found fame through the media. It has been an interesting experience to see if the way people are portrayed by the media is indeed the way they are in real life.

I can honestly say that a lot of what we may see on the tv/movie screens is not what really goes on in these people’s lives. This is especially true for the older generation of celebrities. It is very often the newcomers who feel the need to impress people around them while those that have been around much longer don’t really need to impress anyone and they do their utmost for their fans.

It was always far more fun to sit backstage drinking champagne with UB40 than it was to run around all over Johannesburg because yet another diva wants something very specific at the last minute.

Very often those we think are “important” are the most down to earth people around. I’ve been able to have relaxed chats with the King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, Nelson Mandela and Richard Branson while others hide behind their image and do not care to mingle with the common folk.

Over the years I have definitely learnt that all is not as it seems when it comes to celebrities and it is good not to believe too much of what we see in the media.

PS: John Cena is as nice as he seems