It’s My Life

We are certainly living in interesting times right now. Life for everybody is changing and the way we do things will also change for the future, especially if the current crisis continues for a few months. The new and different way of doing things will become normal and part of the routine. Let’s see what the future will look like.

For me as a caterer there have also been radical changes:

Three weeks ago I suddenly found myself in the situation where all the functions I had booked until the end of April were cancelled/postponed. A very quick decision had to be taken to ensure the business would be able to continue and I could continue earning a living. Within a day my business went from a caterer for dinners at home and corporate events to a delivery business for affordable lunches.

Luckily, being in the food business, hygiene is second nature. Clean utensils, clean hands etc are already part of what is done to ensure customers get a good product. This has now however also extended to the delivery service. As the picture shows, 1 day of doing deliveries means half a box of disposable gloves gets used up. It is also interesting to deliver food at an arms length or to put it down somewhere, ring the doorbell and step away.

These days I find myself not touching anything that I don’t need to. Doorbells are rung with my car keys, I don’t accept cash payments because you never know where the cash has been. My credit card machine is out of use so nobody needs to press buttons. I get a lot of excersize as well as, with the 60 or so deliveries I do per day, I only use the elevator once. When you live on the 6th floor I may be slightly out of breathe when I get there 🙂

We will see how long we will be under the present circumstances. I am enjoying the challenges faced with my new format of doing business but I also look forward to the day when I can offer delicious, served meals in your home again.

Keep safe everyone