Poached tiger prawns with a sweet chilli dip (M;G)

Coconut and lime rice cakes topped with seared tuna and a soya glaze (M;G)

Beef carpaccio on bruschetta topped with mushroom, basil, black pepper, olive oil and parmesan cheese (G)

Tortilla chips with a roast red pepper mayonnaise (M;G)

Salmon sashimi (M;G)


Chicken skewers with a spicy peanut sauce (M;G)

Mini spoons offering reindeer wrapped in bacon on sweet potato with a berry compote (M;G)

Cocktail cups offering steamed rice topped with

Beef curry, cucumber and carrot salsa (M;G)

Vegetable spring rolls with sweet soya sauce (M)


Parisien fruit with a minted honey dip (M;G) e